Steph Fonteyn is a self-taught British painter. Her art captures popular culture, including cityscapes, automobiles, legendary portraits, icons, and places, through vibrant colors, free-flowing rhythms, and criss-crossing brush work.

Steph started exhibiting her paintings in 2005 at Switzerland’s DuPont International. Following her success there, Espace Diamono, Metris Gallery and En Beauregard Gallery featured her “Jazz Colors” series of paintings during the 2010 and 2011 Montreux Jazz Festival respectively. The evocative acrylics depict iconic singers and musicians, such as Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis, using lively colors. The series’ success led to further exhibitions of Steph’s work throughout Switzerland, as well as appearances on Swiss radio and TV, and features in magazines and journals. Most notably, she was invited to share her love of art on World Radio Switzerland as a resident art journalist.

Between 2012 and 2013, Steph explored art’s unifying abilities with her “100 Faces Project.” The Cité du Temps in Geneva displayed the series of 100 acrylic portraits as an interactive mosaic, inviting guests to create a story by linking the portraits with colored strings, indicating relationships such as family, friend, and colleague. Since completing the project, other galleries in Switzerland, as well as galleries in France, Miami and New York, have featured Steph’s other paintings in solo and group exhibits.

In addition to creating her own paintings, Steph taps into others’ talents through Collaborative Art™, a creative team-building service she founded in 2011. The workshops take business professionals outside their comfort zones, encouraging them to think outside the box and embrace uncomfortable situations. Steph’s work with Collaborative Art™ led her and her team to TEDxZurichWomen in 2015. They facilitated a collective doodling workshop, helping guests create a giant co-designed portrait of Amelia Earhart that Steph revealed after her TEDx talk, “An Artist’s Leap of Faith.”

Steph has also been a keynote speaker at other events, including the Aspen Institute’s Healthspottr retreat. Focusing on art and inspiration, she and the Collaborative Art team encouraged US healthcare professionals to create a surrealist painting symbolizing transformation in the healthcare industry, forming a creative link between the art and healthcare worlds.

In 2016, Steph moved to Miami, where she takes inspiration from the colors of Floridian tropics and the traditions of American culture, as seen in her recent series of paintings, “Made in Miami.” She continues to embrace the pure desire to create, rejecting perfection and experimenting with color, emotion, and genre.

In 2017, Steph was selected as a Blink Artist (USA) and to exhibit in Carré d’artiste galleries in France & worldwide. Steph was also chosen as one of twelve artists to participate in “1 day of Art in Miami” hosted by (t)here Media Group. Each artist was given a random topic to inspire the creation of artwork in 24 hours. “Fake News” was Steph’s challenge! The art created by the 12 artists will be published the 18th edition of the international Art Magazine (t)here in autumn 2017. The magazine is is distributed to art collectors, galleries and art fairs worldwide. Steph’s wish for her controversial masterpiece is that it will be displayed in an art museum as a snapshot of the sensationalist world we live in today.

Steph’s collectors include the Igor Stravinsky Foundation and a Swiss Watch Group. She has also painted a portrait for Mark Butcher, Stanislas Warwrinka, Bertrand Piccard and the Canada-based Belgian singer Nico Boesten.