The 100 Faces Project

Face-to-face with 100 faces – Painter Stephanie Fonteyn presents the results of a unique collaborative art project that distinguishes and connects with every brush stroke.  (Geneva, 20 November 2013) 

At the Cité du Temps from 21 November 2013 to 6 January 2014 Stephanie Fonteyn is showing the spectacular results of her 100 Faces Project. During a period of 360 days, starting in Summer 2012, the Swiss-based English artist captured the uniqueness and diversity of 100 different faces in a series of acrylic portraits. In the exhibition, each of the faces appears as part of a huge mosaic covering 6 m2. This is mirrored in map-style to become an interactive “pinboard” of connectivity. Colour-coded strings, such as blue indicating a geographical connection, red a genetic one, green an educational or work-related synergy, or yellow a social connection, will link individuals portrayed to form a fascinating web of shared stories. The universal language of art literally unravels its power before visitors’ eyes.



When Stephanie Fonteyn came up with the idea for her collaborative art initiative it seemed a tall feat to find 100 willing models for the portraits. Starting with her friends and family she communicated her wish and as a further example of the strength and reach of personal connectivity, her creative net spread. Individuals featured embrace a huge spectrum of ages, origins and walks of life. They span from her four-year old son to five celebrities and all share the joint status of ambassador of the project and proud owner of “their” original painting. This experienced artist succeeds in capturing the unique spirit of each person in a portrait with the distinctive signature of her expressive approach to painting. She is keen to emphasise, “Each face is unique – as is each person.” Her vision is to focus on the beauty of every individual she paints and to help them recognize and appreciate their own positive assets in the process. Authenticity, poignant facial expressions and a striking intensity speak out from her canvases

Born in England, Stephanie Fonteyn started to paint in 2002 whilst living in Spain. The itinerary of her artistic journey so far has included colourful nudes, abstract works, often compared to Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock in style, and portraits. Greatly inspired by the theme of music, she held an exhibition in Montreux, “Couleurs Jazz”, in 2010, coinciding with the city’s renowned jazz festival and attracting an international audience. She has exhibited widely in Switzerland and appeared in several Swiss TV and radio broadcasts, as well as in a selection of magazines and journals. Collectors in Europe, Australia, the US, Singapore and Cuba count works by Stephanie Fonteyn among their collections. Her interest in collaborative art also finds expression in the creative workshops she runs for corporations to develop team building and team effectiveness.

“The 100 Faces Project” exhibition is on at the Cité du Temps from 21 November 2013 to 6 January 2014. Opening hours are from 9am to 6pm and admission is free.

The Pont de la Machine is at the heart of Geneva and has been one of the city’s landmarks since the 1840s. It was originally built to supply water to new public fountains but through the ages has become a symbol of the city’s industrial development. Since 2005 the building has been in the hands of the Swatch Group and houses the Cité du Temps, a unique, interactive venue for permanent and guest exhibitions.